Who is Mikaela?

One would think that for a writer, the About Me page would be as easy as baking a piece of gluten-free cake.

Have you ever baked a gluten-free cake?

Neither have I.  But I’ve eaten a few since I had to give up all grains a couple of years ago (I’m still in mourning).  And the only person I know who can make a GF cake taste like a real, moist, yummy cake and not a sandy, flavourless chunk of despair, is my friend Kathy C.  (I’ll introduce her to you someday soon.)

So I’m sure there is a writer out there who just LOVES to write About Me pages and probably does so for other people as a free-lancer.  I am not that writer. However, I am a writer who loves to collect pens.  And markers.  And Sharpies.

Introducing the Mind Map Mikaela!

About_052417_Mind Map_Framed

Enjoy! 😉

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