Five Minute Friday: Where

Where am I going?  At this state in my life, it’s still a valid question.  Every day is a new opportunity to grow – the either continue to forge ahead on the path I’ve cut through, or to change direction and make a new road.  Creating a new pathway – especially in nature – is hard work.  So many weeds, old roots, and possibly dangerous plants and animals may lie in wait.

But the joy and wonder of setting foot where no one else has been – perhaps in decades, perhaps ever – is one of the most remarkable feelings.  One can sense, there just around the bend, the echo of wings.  Is it a butterfly?  A dragonfly?  Or maybe a fairy?  On these walks in the wild, the point is not to reach a destination per se; rather it is to discover the intricate and intimate beauty of Mother Nature.  From the tiniest insect to the majesty of an eagle in flight, it is enough to stand and listen and absorb. 

Why then do I constantly strive for some as yet unknown destination in other areas of my life?  What is the point I am so desperately trying to arrive at?  At some point, either sooner or later, in the way of all living things, this body will be nothing but ash or nutrients – sinking back into the earth and providing life for the next cycle of life.  The money I’ve made, the materials things I’ve acquired, the accolades I may have gathered – none of these will follow me to the grave. 

Perhaps it is time—past time—to stop worrying and take time to notice the beauty right where I am today.

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